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Apparently Kevin has been going toe to toe with the MassResistance folks, and sent some of you to this site. If you’re interested in reading David‘s piece called “The Real Truth,” please click here. (We saved it in a PDF file so that it could not be manipulated.)
It begins:

No American governor has faced more critical cultural issues than Mitt Romney, Massachusetts’ chief executive from 2003 to 2007. In the midst of Governor Romney’s efforts to rescue his state from a fiscal crisis and create lasting and innovative health care solutions, activist judges and a far-left legislature forced issues of same-sex “marriage,” abortion, religious liberty, stem cell research, and gay rights into the forefront. Each time he was challenged, the Governor not only made the conservative choice, but also did so with an optimistic, unifying message. In doing so, he became a national leader on these vital cultural issues without squandering his ability to govern the Commonwealth.
In four years, Governor Romney turned a deficit into a surplus without raising taxes, created a health coverage plan that is applauded by experts on both sides of the aisle and is designed to reduce costs while preserving personal choices, and effectively responded to the deadly collapse of one of the most expensive construction projects in American history. He did all these things in one of America’s most liberal states at the same time that he vetoed expansive stem cell legislation, vetoed the expansion of abortion rights in Massachusetts, defended the religious liberties of Catholic Charities from an assault by homosexual activists, and launched a multi-year (and multi-state) campaign to preserve traditional marriage after Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage.
In spite of this impressive conservative record, a group called “MassResistance” has been circulating a lengthy document called “The Mitt Romney Deception.” Combining old statements, half-truths, and some completely misreported stories, the document has gained some traction in the conservative community, with anti-Romney activists forwarding the document dozens of times (apparently without any independent verification of its facts). In much the way as urban legends gain traction through repeated e-mail “forwards,” the seriously-flawed MassResistance piece has led a few individuals to question the Governor’s commitment to conservative principles. MassResistance’s document, however, suffers from at least five fundamental errors.

Please read the whole thing here, and feel free to pass it along to your friends. However, I realize that by posting this, I’m opening up an can of worms. Every time we mention MassResistance, we get tons of scathing hate mail that ends in the salutation, “In Christian Love,” and — honestly — I can’t deal with that. MassResistance is not the enemy, the Democratic Party is not the enemy — heck — Hillary Clinton is not our enemy. Since David is deployed, I honestly don’t want to fight with y’all. I post for informational purposes only…
However, if you absolutely must gripe or complain — in Christian love — please feel free to send all hate mail to Charles!

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