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Especially when you’re a Presidential candidate. Fred Thompson gave a speech today “with a disco ball overhead, a mechanical bull to his left, beer signs dotting the walls and tank-topped bartenders serving coffee to the audience.” According to this news report, the audience seemed to respond to him there much as they have in other locations:

Thomas Larmore, a 42-year-old lawyer, said he was expecting more and that Thompson “wasn’t specific enough.” He said Thompson, who has been criticized for less-than-energetic campaigning, “looked tired.”
Larmore said, “I want to know where he stands on the issues. I heard a lot of platitudes. I want to know where he’s different from (former New York Mayor Rudy) Giuliani.”
Larmore said he strongly disagreed with Giuliani’s views on social issues, but “Giuliani’s got a lot more energy. He’s got a powerful personality.”
On the other hand, Jean Crevelt and her husband were Thompson fans to begin with and saw nothing to dissuade them.
“He was very direct in his points, and I liked what he said about standing true to his principles,” said Crevelt, 47, who owns a winery with her husband, Dwight. “What he says, he means. He just seems true to his word.”
Crevelt said she was also impressed with Thompson’s acting work.
“I’ve been a fan of him since ‘The Hunt for Red October,’ ” she said.

This was the general audience reaction I noticed in Washington DC at the Values Voter Conference, where he placed 4th in a Presidential straw poll… after Ron Paul. People like him just fine, but they always get much less than what they anticipate.

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