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Mayor Giuliani, today, in response to Byron York’s query as to why social conservatives don’t trust him to appoint good judges:

I don’t understand why. Because look, if I was going to try to fool them, I would just change my positions. I would just fool them, right? I’m not suggesting anybody else has done that. So I think people should have the sense that I’m straight with them. And if they just look at my history and background, who do they think I’m going to appoint? All of my friends, all of the people I’ve associated with, all the people I respect, the vast majority of them would fall into the category of conservative thinkers, conservative lawyers, and strict constructionist judges.

Mayor Giuliani, while running for Senate:

He’s now, um, changed that position and favors a ban on partial-birth abortion.
Look, as we’ve said over and over, we certainly have no problem with a candidate having a change of heart.
But this is something different altogether. Out of one side of his mouth, Mayor Giuliani pledges to be “straight with us” and claims he hasn’t changed his positions. But five seconds of research shows that’s not true. And rather than explaining the change–as Governor Romney has explained his conversion on abortion–he instead pretends it never happened.
I can’t think of a better way to make whatever happened to him on partial-birth abortion look like nothing more than political calculation–or to give us no reason whatsoever to trust him.
Talk about not understanding stuff. I don’t understand that. He’s obviously a smart guy. Why does he try to pull something like this? Even “Bible thumpers” like us know how to use Google!
Frankly, it’s disconcerting.
UPDATE: Justin writes in:

Don’t forget that Rudy Giuliani has changed his position on the Hyde Amendment. He says he supports it now, but not too long ago he said that public funded abortion was a Constitutional right. That’s another unexplained position change.

Actually, I did find something that at least the Giuliani camp considers an explanation:

It’s not a change of position. The Hyde Amendment is a current law and, as such, he respects it.

I guess that means the Mayor is in favor of cryogenically freezing whatever Congress and the Supreme Court have dubbed “the law” as of Inauguration Day 2009?
Talk about super-precedent

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