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First abortion. Now this:

When it comes to taxes, Fred Thompson is the “worst” of the Republican presidential candidates, Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, tells Newsmax.
GOP hopefuls Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani have both promised not to raise taxes – Romney even signing an ATR pledge not to raise the marginal tax rate. Thompson, on the other hand, has not signed the pledge and has said high-income Medicare beneficiaries may have to pay more for coverage.
“Thompson didn’t sign the pledge as a senator, and he has no track record of being any good on taxes,” Norquist says. “He won’t say no to tax hikes, and in this town, that means you will say yes to tax increases.
“You can spend the rest of your life raising taxes and you can’t fix the entitlement problem,” he says. “We’ve got to say taxes are off the table, and now how do you fix it? With education, we can offer school choice. With social security, it’s personal savings accounts. With Medicare, it’s health savings accounts.”
A lynchpin of the conservative movement, Norquist runs an off-the-record, invitation-only meeting every Wednesday at ATR’s office in Washington. There, roughly 150 representatives of the White House, Republican congressional leadership, and conservative interest groups gather to exchange the latest skinny on politics, strategy, and issues.

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