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Amazing — I don’t believe my eyes. The Boston Globe has this article today:

Mitt Romney’s highly anticipated religion speech yesterday was a political tour de force, rejecting the notion that he’d be bound as president by the leaders of his Mormon Church but also placing his faith among the many religions that constitute the “moral heritage” of the United States.
The speech, delivered with soaring rhetoric and an air of authority, had elements that appealed to those who want a strict separation of church and state and to those who yearn for more religious values in what Romney called “the public square.”
Yet the speech was aimed at neither of those groups – or any particular coalition or bloc – but rather at all the people of the United States. With its breadth of spirit, it was the most presidential moment of the 2008 campaign.

Also, it ends like this:

His willingness to take on such a task – and his success in drawing broadly acceptable boundaries on such a highly contentious issue – is itself an act of leadership.
For a candidate who has repeatedly been assailed for changing positions and cynically embracing concerns-of-the-moment like illegal immigration, yesterday’s speech was a step forward – the work of a statesman, not a cynic.

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