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More Geraghty. I think he’s exactly right here:

I think that the folks shifting to Huckabee are establishing a gut-level connection, “he’s my guy. He gets my values.” And I don’t know whether Wayne Dumond, or the number of pardons, or in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, or the Cuba embargo or even increasing tax burdens — or any of the stuff in Fred’s “apology” — will break that gut-level connection.

Yes. It is exactly the same type of connection we made with President Bush. Obviously we have not learned that that is not necessarily the best way to do things. And I agree that focusing on policy minutae will not necessarily fix it.
But I will say this. While it is not the “most important ‘traditional value’ in this election,” as I have said, one of the few things that unites most conservative evangelicals these days is Beating Hillary (again, italicized to reflect the way my in-laws, whom I love, say it). My sense is that the fact that Senator Clinton would eat Governor Huckabee’s lunch in the general election is the one thing that could break this bad-idea, gut-level bond. That’s probably even more effective than the fact that a vote for him is a vote for the pro-choice Mayor Giuliani.

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