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I just returned from Christmas at my sister-in-law’s house in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky. Let’s just say that the Blankenship family does not put as high a premium on technology as the French family does, and when I tried to pull up my 517 accumulated e-mail messages, I literally heard their computer cough and gasp for air. It’s my own fault for not already owning an iPhone, on which I could manage my mail without having to spend hours later wading through messages about African heiresses who want to wire me money and pills that will enlarge body parts I don’t even possess.
Anyway, I’m back home at Mac Heaven and wanted to post a few noteworthy items before bed. I’m not sure about y’all, but I’ll be glad when the polls are replaced by actual votes. But it looks like the Huckabubble is deflating and Gov. Romney is on the rise.
Secondly, have you ever been invited over for dinner and your host pops in a video or pulls out a flow chart and starts talking to you about an “unprecedented opportunity” to get in “on the ground floor” of some economic pyramid shaped opportunity? Well, you might know what some Huckabee fans are feeling. According to the Chicago Tribune:

They came to hear Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee speak, but first the crowd of hundreds had to sit through a soft-sell pitch on the wonders of multilevel Internet-based marketing. For half an hour, businessmen Joe Markiewicz and Larry Winters paced the stage and talked about finding financial freedom and fulfillment through their shared business, followed by other motivational speakers. They never said the name of the company during their talks, but afterward some members of the crowd shared with others what they called the good news of Quixtar Inc. Quixtar is a sibling of controversial multilevel marketing giant Amway, whose founders and owners have a long history of backing Christian causes and conservative Republicans.

…Or, in Huckabee’s case, a not-so-conservative Republican.
And lastly, I simply don’t buy all the media hype that McCain is back in the race. Why? In all the traveling and speaking I did with my book at political gatherings across the country — I never met a real, live person who actually supported Sen. McCain. Without exception, people say, “We respect what he’s done for our country, but…” I know it’s anecdotal, but I choose to believe it’s indicative of a larger trend.
And with that, I’ll say goodnight, dreaming happily of my high-speed internet connection. And just maybe Santa got lost on his way to my house and is still bringing me a much-needed iPhone.

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