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From “Blogs for Fred:”

If you watched the debate and saw the Focus Group that decided that Mitt won the debate, then you saw one guy being interviewed by Fox News. That was Nathan Burd, who claimed to be an “independent.”
Problem is there’s a photo of him and Mitt on Evangelicals for Mitt and this little tidbit:

Nathan is the founder and director of Americans for Mitt a grassroots online organization supporting Gov. Mitt Romney for president in 2008.

Oops! In this day and age of blogs, it’s getting to be hard to play games. If you aren’t for real nowadays, you’ll be caught.

Although this post is now deleted from their website, we’re still getting e-mail like this:

What is your position on Nathan Burd’s written representation to Frank Luntz’s company that he (Burd) was an unbiased undecided voter and wished to be on FoxNews panel after the Iowa debate. I called Luntz’s company in Virginia and they confirmed he had signed such a disclaimer. Did Nathan Burd lie? If so, is this the type of person who should lead Americans for Mitt or whom you should associate with? This is a serious matter. I would expect this from Democrats like Hillary. Not from someone so closely associated with the Romney campaign.

Had this actually been true, it would’ve been the most exciting thing to have happened at that snoozefest of a debate. At any rate, Nathan responds:

Dear Jim,
I can assure you that I was not involved with any Luntz focus group in Iowa yesterday. I don’t know how this rumor got started, but I believe Blogs for Fred (Thompson) ran a story on this today. It’s a lie. I was watching the debate and focus group from my home in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve never participated in a televised focus group.
I believe this is another shady attempt to make Gov. Romney look bad. It’s not true. The entire focus group is on You Tube. Look it up, I’m not there. There is also no way that the Luntz company told you I signed a disclaimer. Again, I wasn’t there.
Most of the blogs that ran this story have printed a retraction or have acknowledged that the story is bogus.
If you are aware of any sites still running this story, please let me know so I can set the record straight. As you can imagine, I’m a little peeved that someone is accusing me of lying on national tv.
Thank you,
Nathan Burd

Thanks, Nathan for clearing that up. But you have to admit, it would’ve made things more exciting….
UPDATE: The Palmetto Scoop is the latest to be taken into the hoax. Hopefully, they’ll retract soon.

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