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As some of you know, David has been deployed to Forward Operating Base Caldwell, Diyala Province, Iraq where he’s the Squadron Judge Advocate for Sabre (2d) Squadron of the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment. They are just a few miles from the Iranian border, in a region full of al Qaeda and Iranian smugglers. While they don’t lack for things to do, there’s a real sense the tide is turning and real progress is being made.
The soldiers there bravely fight for their country without any comforts of home (sometimes without even running water) or the ability to regularly communicate back home. For example, there are just a few phones for over a thousand soliders, so the wait is up to two hours and frequently the person they’re calling isn’t home! To ease the burden just a bit, some dear friends from Boston and I are trying to send a care package to every soldier in David’s squadron. This project is called “Operation Sabre,” and we’re looking for “area coordinators” to be responsible for 25 (or more) care packages. Perhaps a church could adopt David’s Squadron and try to do 100 or so? Or maybe you have a “mother’s group” that gets together for playdates that could handle 25? A school project? Boy scouts?

Area coordinators would:
1. E_mail me your address so I can send you shipping materials in groups of 25.
2. Find 25 (or more) people who will faithfully fill the care packages with a list of items and also to ship them. (The flat rate boxes cost $8 to ship.)
3. Keep track of the progress and make sure that all 25 are sent by February 15th, 2008.
4. Collect one towel per box that you will ship separately. (We would just include them in the care packages, but their bulk would take up most of the box.) That way, David can hand out the towels as the boxes are also distributed.
Each box will include basically the same items, which we’ll let you know about later. However, right now I’m trying to get my “area coordinators” lined up. If you are willing to commit to at least 25 care packages, please e-mail me your phone number and mailing address. I’ll ship you the free packages and further instruction. (If you want to send one package from your family, I’ll tell you more details later. We hope to start this project at the beginning of the year, so I’ll talk about this in detail later.)
David’s squadron is in a strategically important area, so let’s try to say thanks to the young men who risk all for us. (There are two girls, but I’m doing their packages — already bought nice sheets for their cots.) So that God will get the glory, we’ll be working through the Chaplain who will first distribute the packages to the lowest ranked soldiers. He’ll start with those who’ve not yet received mail, and will move up the ranks.
E-mail me your mailing address, phone number, and how many you can be in charge of! We’ll start the project officially on January 1st. We need to ship a thousand boxes over two months. Will you help?

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