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Okay, I said I was done posting until after Christmas, but I was just reading Redstate, and I am amazed.
If Erick Erickson has his facts right — and it appears he does — Governor Huckabee is raking in $25,000 a shot to speak to churches during his presidential campaign.
As Erick points out, it’s utterly silly to say this is ethically okay because he “won’t be talking about his presidential candidacy.” When my wife and I were in college, one of the commencement speakers — during an election year — was Ralph Nader. We were told the same thing about his speech. While he didn’t say the words “Vote for me,” no one could deny that the talk was blatantly political — and that it served to heighten his profile. Governor Huckabee’s church appearances will no doubt do the same. And just like when he was in office, he’s got a corporation set up to handle the monies.
For the past decade or more, Senator McCain has been the self-appointed watchdog of campaign finance in America. Will he speak out on this — or will he keep his mouth shut to protect someone who he thinks might take out one of his rivals?
I don’t think Governor Huckabee’s actions should be illegal, necessarily — and that instinct, unfortunately, is too often Senator McCain’s first one — but they surely are unethical. Will Mr. Ethics say so?

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