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Greetings from the College Station airport, where my flight — you guessed it — is delayed. David and I have a “if-Southwest-doesn’t-fly-there-it’s-not-worth-visiting” mentality that I abandoned for the sake of Gov. Romney’s momentous speech. So, here I sit, in the Continental waiting area because it apparently rained somewhere on the planet today.
Nevertheless, nothing can ruin my mood today. All of you knew I was skeptical about “The Speech,” but it was downright amazing. I noticed a rabbi crying about mid-way through. And several states away, in my hometown of Paris, Tennessee, a Church of Christ friend of my dad’s was crying as she watched on television. The speech managed to simultaneously elevate the discussion and admonish us to become the America we really should be. I haven’t had a chance to read what the pundits have been saying, and frankly, I no longer care. He said his piece, and if the American voters don’t like it, then — in his words — “so be it.”
Amazing — my flight arrived. More later.

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