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From Charles via Verizon Wireless: “Grand slam home-run.” I concur. As I just told Charles on the phone, I think the Governor did an excellent job weaving America in between the religion-choking secularism of Europe and the conversion-by-the-sword tactics of radical Islam. He seemed to say: We are the place–we must be the place–where people are free to worship, and where worship matters. And if it isn’t that way here, then where will it be? If you watched the speech, you may have noticed that Gov. Romney seemed to get a little emotional at the end. I couldn’t tell via the Internet feed, so I asked Charles. He seems to think the Governor did, and that in doing so he “unburdened” himself a bit. To paraphrase Charles, Romney seemed to say this is who I am and I’m willing to let you, the voter, take it or leave it. Bravo.

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