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Forgive me if I’m late to the party on this, but I just read Kane Webb’s recent NR piece making the case for Gov. Huckabee. Here’s something that caught my eye:

An old radio announcer, Huckabee can’t resist a good line. Or a bad one. So long as it’s clever. To his credit, though, I can’t remember a time when he accused the press of misquoting him. By and large, he stood by his one-liners. Huckabee’s candor — a blessing for us newspaper types always craving good copy — could get him in trouble. He once referred to Arkansas as a banana republic. He slapped the most conservative members of his party in northwest Arkansas as Shiite Republicans. (This was long before the war in Iraq. Those who fear that Huckabee, a social conservative and Baptist preacher, would turn the White House into a tent revival ought to take note of that shot at the “Shiite Republicans.” The former governor was talking about Republicans whose myopic social conservatism turned them into perpetual aginners. And he was right.)

So let me get this straight: Gov. Huckabee once criticized “myopic” social conservatives–presumably because they failed to consider important policy matters other than, say, abortion–and now a few years later he’s relying on–hoping for–that same “myopic” focus from voters to try to win Iowa. Ironic. Count me for Gov. Romney and against a myopic approach to politics, whether at the state or national level.

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