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Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld offers a strong endorsement of Gov. Romney in today’s Boston Globe:

Anyone who claims that Romney did not cut taxes in Massachusetts is simply mistaken. He cut capital gains taxes, benefiting well over 150,000 residents. Thousands more are currently benefiting from new jobs in the biotech field because of Romney’s manufacturing tax relief and because he made the investment tax credit permanent. Thousands of Massachusetts families saved their hard-earned dollars when Romney enacted sales tax holidays. Seniors are benefiting from property tax relief proposed and signed into law by Romney. Our honorable veterans and National Guard members have several new tax breaks because of Romney’s belief that they should be taxed less. Commuters can now deduct expenses for travel because Romney believes they shouldn’t be penalized for helping increase commerce.
Romney’s fiscal achievements were not his only accomplishments in Massachusetts.
Besides tackling government waste and inefficiency, he halted the state’s economic tailspin and added tens of thousands of new jobs. He signed into law a health insurance reform modeled on a conservative market-oriented approach that emphasizes personal responsibility. He started the Adams Scholarship, a merit-based program that awards the top 25 percent of high school students in Massachusetts with four years of free tuition at a Massachusetts public college or university. He instituted English immersion in the public schools and abolished the old bilingual education system.
This is a real record of achievement that Romney is running on across the country. I am proud to endorse his candidacy for president of the United States.

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