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Interesting comments from Gov. Huckabee as he criticized the Bush administration’s destruction of tapes showing interrogation of terrorists.

“When we start destroying documents, what are we destroying them for? Are we doing it for security purposes or to cover somebody’s rear end?” the former Arkansas governor said on Fox News Sunday. “If we’re covering somebody’s rear end, we need to expose their rear end and kick their rear end for doing something that’s against the best interest of the United States and the responsibility and the respectability of this country.”

It brought this highly unusual behavior of Gov. Huckabee to mind, to be honest:

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee depleted the governor’s office emergency fund in the final weeks of his administration in part to pay for the destruction of computer hard drives in his office.
That left Gov. Mike Beebe, who replaced Huckabee on Jan. 9, with no emergency funds for the last half of fiscal 2007.

I’ve yet to hear the reason why Gov. Huckabee wasted half a million dollars of tax payer money, but I think it might have something to do with… how did he put it… covering somebody’s rear end.

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