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So, I had been watching election coverage pretty much nonstop today, as if my attentiveness would help Gov. Romney win in Iowa.
Finally, after eating dinner with the kids, I got away this evening to swim my mile. I listened to Carrie Underwood on my waterproof iPod, oblivious to the world and oh-so-happy at the fact that I was keeping my New Year’s Resolution. I played water volleyball in the pool with Austin and a sweet kid that happened to swim by and stop. I gave the kids cookies and milk before bedtime, and then let them read some books.
And then I sit down to the news that Huckabee wins on the strength of evangelicals? Hello? Testing – 1-2-3. Is my mic not on?
For some reason, Charles, I’m not even upset. I know, I know — it’s quite inexplicable, after all my posts about the Huckmeister’s antics. However, it might be because Huckabee is not marginally unacceptable, he’s totally unacceptable. For some reason this makes it better — I have faith some of the people who’ve watched silently from the sidelines will pipe up and say, “No more.”
Heck, I have faith that truth will prevail. Call me old-fashioned, but I simply refuse to believe that a guitar playing, weight-loss touting former preacher who’s as conservative as Jimmy Carter can sustain this act.
And so, as I deftly walk past my television and straight to the couch with a good book, I leave you with this word from Geraghty:

The good news for Romney-ites: Your man got a tough, tough blow tonight. It happens. Your guy, and you, are going to get back up on the horse and start trying again. Maybe you push hard in Wyoming, and by Monday you can say you’ve come in second in one state and first in the other. Then you push hard in New Hampshire. Maybe John McCain beats you there, maybe he doesn’t. Then you get back up on the horse and ride into Michigan, and give it your best shot there. And your man has the funds and the resources to just keep on going, all the way through Super Duper Tuesday.

Good night, brothers and sisters. We live to fight another day!

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