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David from Michigan writes:

There have been 326,472 votes cast for Republican candidates in Iowa and New Hampshire (updated vote totals at 11:55 pm eastern). Here’s how it breaks down:

Romney – 97,287 (29.8%)
McCain – 94,320 (28.9%)
Huckabee – 64,397 (19.7%)
Paul – 28,014 (8.6%)
Giuliani – 22,383 (6.9%)
Thompson – 18,464 (5.7%)
Hunter – 1,607 (0.5%)

Thanks, David, but get away from your computer and start knocking on those Michigan doors!
UPDATE: David, this time from Utah, writes:

You forgot all those votes cast in Wyoming. There are as many people in Wyoming as there are in New Hampshire, you forgetful, dismissive Easterners….

Well, since David in Michigan is busy knocking on doors, David in Utah should make himself useful and do the math for me.
UPDATE: Another reader, Russell, puts the smack down on “David from Utah,” who seems to be some kind of trouble maker.

So I’m originally from Wyoming…and Wyoming’s role in giving Romney an early (and needed) boost is one I’m proud of…
But alas, Wyoming, while important, certainly does not meet up to our friend David’s claims. There are a TOTAL of 263,083 registered voters in Wyoming—62% of which are Republican or 163,111 votes. That falls well short of the 230,292 of the NH –and that’s assuming that every registered Republican in the state voted.
Sorry, David…sad, but true…Wyoming, important as it has been to Romney’s campaign, just doesn’t match up in numbers.

Okay, folks — let’s move on to Michigan!
LAST UPDATE (I promise!), from “David from Utah:”

I’m not a trouble maker. Just didn’t do well in math. The way I present the facts I probably should be a Huckabee supporter.

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