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As much as I love David Brody, he gets it wrong when he says Gov. Romney will probably not “invest any political capitol” in a federal marriage amendment. In fact, Gov. Romney has more experience fighting for traditional marriage than any other candidate:
1. He pushed for an amendment to Massachusetts’ constitution to overturn the same-sex “marriages” that courts have imposed;
2. He testified before Congress and wrote to senators in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment; and
3. He ordered the enforcement of a little-known 1913 law to prevent out-of-state gay couples from getting “married” in Massachusetts.
In fact, Gov. Romney averted a national constitutional crisis by legal maneuvering which made it impossible for gay couples in Tennessee, for example, to go to Massachusetts to wed. He famously said he wouldn’t allow Massachusetts to become the “Las Vegas of gay marriage.” He also tried to work within the system by circulating a petition to overturn the courts decision about the gay marriage issue. What have the other candidates done, other than just talk about it?
Yes, Gov. Romney is known more for his economic prowess. However, it’s important to realize that Gov. Romney is the only viable Presidential candidate who represents all three legs of the Republican stool — social, military, and fiscal conservatism.

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