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A few additional and summarizing thoughts on where we find ourselves post-South Carolina. For reasoning behind the first few, see my previous post.
1. Senator Thompson is through. He didn’t do what he himself said he needed to — do well in South Carolina. In fact, he appears to have barely beaten a candidate who didn’t really compete at all.
2. The Huckabubble has burst. Governor Huckabee should have run away with a 60 percent evangelical state. But he didn’t even win.
3. Given these results, three candidates are the most important in Florida and beyond. Senator McCain and Mayor Giuliani will be splitting the moderate vote, until one drops out. Governor Romney is increasingly the conservative choice.
4. Florida is a big-state campaign, not a retail-politics place. Who was the winner of the last state like that? Governor Romney, in Michigan.
5. Florida has numerous media markets, some of them quite expensive. Mayor Giuliani’s senior staff is going without pay, and while Senator McCain’s donations surely increased after New Hampshire, he doesn’t have the amount of momentum that would produce a huge influx — after losing in Michigan and doing okay last night. So Governor Romney will have a financial advantage.
6. Governor Romney also has great infrastructure in Florida. Most of former governor Jeb Bush’s people are with him.
7. On February 5, there will be numerous primaries across the country. Where are these other guys going to find the cash for that?
8. As Ramesh Ponnuru notes, Governor Romney has won the most total votes in the primaries.
9. As Michael Graham points out, Senator McCain underperformed in South Carolina compared to 2000.
After Iowa, I was feeling some pain. After New Hampshire, the best I could hope for was a “marathon” race. Today, after Iowa, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Michigan, Nevada, and South Carolina, I’m telling you — it’s a good time to be a Romney supporter. I’m looking forward to seeing our ranks grow over the coming weeks.

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