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Byron York writes:

Another interesting scene from the McCain victory rally at The Citadel was one concerning Fred Thompson. At about 9:00 p.m., a big screen showing Fox News put up pictures of McCain and Huckabee, side-by-side, with McCain having about a five-percentage-point lead. The crowd cheered. Then Fox cut to another screen, with pictures of Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney, showing both men far behind the leaders but with Thompson ahead of Romney, 16 percent to 15 percent. The crowd began cheering, “Go Fred Go! Go Fred Go! Go Fred Go!”
Obviously, McCain supporters wanted to weaken Romney as much as possible going into Florida and beyond. But they also – just like the McCain supporters in New Hampshire I mentioned in my earlier post – really don’t like Romney; dislike of Romney is pretty widespread in rival campaigns.

In fact, this just confirms what we’ve already known, doesn’t it? The thinly veiled contempt toward Gov. Romney on display during the Presidential debates is palpable. Especially when John McCain’s face contorts slightly when asked about his rival, as if he’s tasting something bitter. My fellow evangelical Mike Huckabee has a campaign manager who says he wants to kick Gov. Romney in the groin. (Rhetoric which, by the way, was not condemned by his evangelical following, or even the Baptist preacher himself.) In fact, many mock Gov. Romney’s unwillingness to use profanity and his clean living ways by saying, “He’s such a Boy Scout!”
Say what you will about the theological differences we have with our Mormon brothers and sisters. But there are aspects of their lives which are only to be commended: loyalty to family, generosity, discipline, self-control, strong marriages. These are things that have been openly mocked, not only by the MSM but by our own folks. It reminds me of that passage in Isaiah which warns us not to call evil good, and good evil.
I think we may be too ironic for our own good — when “Boy Scout” is a shorthanded insult — and that we may actually need Gov. Romney more than we realize.
Right, Floridians?

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