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Scattered thoughts on the situation in which we find ourselves…
1. It’s a shame there were twice as many candidates at last night’s debate as there are serious candidates in the race.
2. I was tempted — on the basis of his class-warfare rhetoric and his performance in most of the primaries — to dub Governor Huckabee the “John Edwards of the GOP race.” However, that would be a slight to Senator Edwards, because he got out of the race when it became overwhelmingly clear he wouldn’t win. Memo to whom it may concern: When your candidate shows less class than John Edwards, something’s up.
3. What is Congressman Paul doing with all that money he’s raised? Saving it for more newsletters? I can’t shake the sinking feeling that he’s got something up his sleeve.
4. While it may not feel like it, today is a good day for the conservative movement, and specifically the pro-life movement. Why? Because Mayor Giuliani is out of the race — and while there is a good chance the Republicans will not nominate an excellent candidate, there is now no chance they will nominate a pro-choice candidate. That’s huge. It took years of battling to make the GOP a pro-life party, and it’s way too important to throw away. If we have to live with one of the liberal Republicans getting the nod this year, at least it will be the pro-life one with the subpar record on judges. That’s not what I’d prefer, but it’s an improvement over the previous worst case scenario.
5. Where are all those evangelical poohbahs who said they’d never tolerate Senator McCain’s nomination? It’s now entirely clear that either he or Governor Romney will be nominated. Senator Thompson is out and Governor Huckabee not only hasn’t moved beyond only attracting evangelical voters, but he’s not even getting a majority of those — he’s done. There’s now no excuse not to speak out — and if they don’t do it soon, it will be too late. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?
NANCY adds: Charles, wow — I didn’t realize you had #2 in you. Nice!

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