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Our friend Mark DeMoss is on today:

Ed Rollins was once Ronald Reagan’s political director and now serves as Mike Huckabee’s campaign chairman. Last weekend he told a reporter, “The breakup of what was the Reagan coalition – social conservatives, defense conservatives, and anti-tax conservatives – it doesn’t mean a whole lot to people anymore.” He declared, “it’s gone.”
Well, I can assure you he’s wrong on one point and predict he’s wrong on another. This Reagan coalition means a lot to me and to most people I know. Perhaps, Mr. Rollins is suggesting it doesn’t mean a lot to him, given that his political clients since the days of Ronald Reagan have included the independent Ross Perot and liberal Republicans like Michael Huffington in Reagan’s beloved California and Christine Todd Whitman in New Jersey. Having spent my life around movement conservatives, I can tell you, we still care about uniting these various conservatives into a strong coalition.
Then, I’ll predict he’s wrong in his epitaph: “it’s gone.” In fact, I think it will coalesce in the coming five weeks as Republicans select a president and then turn their considerable energies toward defeating their Democratic opponent next fall. But regardless of whether he’s right or wrong, I’m disappointed to see Mr. Rollins throw in the towel on such a compelling coalition. It may just be that his current client cannot unite the three legs that make up this conservative stool – but I believe there is a candidate who can.

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