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Okay — forgive how frequently I have to bring this up, but I will post this every single time Huckabee lies about his supposed support of the troop surge. I’m watching this on delay — thankfully, my friends showed up to give me a little company during this debate. Huckabee just repeated his lie about supporting the troop surge when Gov. Romney did not:
Remember, on MSNBC’s “Live,” just as recently as January, Huckabee did not support the Surge:

NORAH O’DONNELL: “We have a Rudy Giuliani, who supports the president’s plan on Iraq. We have Governor Mitt Romney, who also supports a troop surge. How are you different from any of those candidates?”
HUCKABEE: “Well, I’m not sure that I support the troop surge, if that surge has to come from our Guard and Reserve troops, which have really been overly stretched.

So, let’s be clear on the time table: Huckabee did not support the Surge on January 24th (above), although Gov. Romney had issued a pro-surge press release on January 10th which said:

“In consultation with Generals, military experts and troops who have served on the ground in Iraq, I believe securing Iraqi civilians requires additional troops. I support adding five brigades in Baghdad and two regiments in Al-Anbar province. Success will require rapid deployment.”

Of course, admitting the truth about his record would take away one of his punchlines — you know his constant glib remarks about how Gov. Romney changed his mind on some issues. I guess he’s either decided just to pretend he’s never changed his mind, or has forgotten his position on one of the most important developments in the war in 2007.
Either way, it doesn’t look good.

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