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Charles, no offense, but to call McCain’s lies mere “fibs” really is an understatement. Mark Levin describes McCain’s desperation in Florida:

As I think about McCain’s effort to now use the battle of Iraq this way – to inaccurately characterize Romney’s statement re Iraq, to refuse to correct himself despite the evidence showing his characterization is false, and now to say —in response to Romney demanding an apology — ”I think the apology is owed to the young men and women serving this nation in uniform, that we will not let them down in hard times or good. That is who the apology is owed to” — is to use Iraq and the soldiers as the Left does.

As someone whose husband is in Iraq now, this is just infuriating. David put it aptly the other day in his e-mail:

I have not chosen to dedicate my professional life to defending life and religious liberty, only to throw that away by supporting a man who does not share my values. I have not laid my entire future on the line in Iraq, only to throw that sacrifice away by supporting a man who would yield to Jihadist terror. Since my wife and I started Evangelicals for Mitt, we have gotten to know the Romneys and their sons. They are people worth supporting.

CHARLES retorts: Aw, Nancy! As a writer, I thought you’d love the irresistable alliteration!
NANCY demures: Okay, Charles — if you promote my book, then I forgive ya.

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