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… is the infinite versatility of his name. It has given us the Huck-a-burger, the Huckmentum, Huck-a-bubble, and even Yuckabee. In fact, a few of friends and I are trying to come up with a clever name for our little group at church. Absent anything good, I’ve temporarily named us the “Huck-a-chicks,” much to their collective dismay. I’m hoping this appellation is so hideous, it inspires some creativity on their behalf.
Anyway, last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert had the best deviation of his name. (I think Huck did a great job on there, by the way.) He said, while saying goodbye to the Governor, “Try to stay a Huck-a-bee, don’t become a Huck-a-was.”
That there’s funny, I don’t care who you are.
Judy writes:

My personal contribution is Muck Uppabee, but I don’t think that will go over at church.

Victor, who blogs here, writes:

“Duckabee” coined by Laura Ingraham because he will not appear on her show and is avoiding several shows and will not address key questions.

Mike from Oregon writes

In the Bible there are the Amalekites, Ammonites, Canaanites, and Israelites. So, I and some other people in my church now refer to Huckabee supporters as “Huckabites.” It’s short and, I think, catchy.
Do I get an “amen?”

ME: Only if we can call Ron Paul fans, as Steve Gill does, the “Paul-istinians.”
Jared from Texas adds:

I like Rich Lowry’s (of National Review) characterization of what the party will be doing to itself if it nominates him – “Committing Huckacide”

ME: Thank you, dear readers, for all the creative uses of the letter “F” and “S,” but this is a Christian blog, remember!
Mike from Utah asks:

How about what he does with the truth regarding his record–Huckle Bury?

Deborah adds:

What about “Wanna” bee?

(Hope she’s right.)

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