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Mark Levin continues his coverage of McCain’s effort to undermine Gov. Romney’s lead in Florida:

The hard-driving Tim Russert blew it. He allowed McCain to slip away with his dishonest characterization of Romney’s statement, i.e., Romney never said he favored a specific time for withdrawal. McCain read the first part of the quote but not the second part, where Romney would veto a congressional time table. By now, everyone who is carefully following this knows that McCain’s allegation is flatly false. The quotes and video the McCain campaign have provided to reporters, and which have been posted on the Corner and elsewhere, do not support McCain’s allegation. The liberal AP, New York Times, and writer for Time have all correctly (for once) said that McCain’s charge is not supported by the supposed evidence. And yet, McCain and his campaign persist in trying to link Romney to Hillary Clinton with a demonstrably false charge.

Huckabee, as you may have noticed, is reading from the McCain playbook. He knows he will never be the GOP nominee, and sees McCain as his ticket to the VP slot.
This is alarming in at least two ways. Number one, Huckabee is a Baptist preacher. (In case you didn’t notice the floating cross, the ichthus in the background of his campaign commercials, or him dropping the name “Jesus” every thirty-seven seconds in Iowa.) The fact that he’s embracing a lie in order to gain political points should not be tolerated by those who care about evangelical Christianity.
Number two, let’s face it. McCain’s no spring chicken. When I was recently in Paris, Tennessee (my hometown) talking to disappointed FredHeads, I was surprised how many were tilting toward Gov. Romney.
One man, a life insurance salesman, explained why:
“Well, the average life expectancy of a male is 74 years. McCain is already 71. It just doesn’t make sense to vote for him.”
I hope it’s not insensitive to say McCain’s choice for VP would be pretty important. If he did choose Huckabee — to satisfy some sort of geographic and weight loss guru demographic — we’d have the worst possible GOP combination. Not only in substance, but also in their willingness to bend the truth when it suited them.

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