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Good Morning, EFMers.
CNN had new numbers out today, which show that Gov. Romney won amongst Republican voters in New Hampshire, if narrowly:

Meanwhile, exit polls showed 37 percent of those who cast a Republican ballot Tuesday identified themselves as independents, and McCain got the votes of 39 percent of them, compared with 27 percent for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who finished second Tuesday. Romney and McCain were almost even among those who identified themselves as Republicans, with 33 and 34 percent, respectively.

Let’s don’t let independents choose the GOP nominee, guys.
UPDATE: Thanks, readers, for pointing out that I mis-read the numbers. It looks like McCain won Republicans, if narrowly, according to those CNN numbers.
However, Alex Gage is sending out a memo today on behalf of Gov. Romney that reads:

Note that Gov. Romney actually beat John McCain among Republicans yesterday (35%-34%) and most of the upcoming primaries and caucuses attract an electorate far more Republican than New Hampshire’s.

I guess who is right is pretty irrelevant since 1% is really nothing to crow about either way.
On a kind-of related note, I think I’m losing it… In addition to the above mistake, yesterday I lost my hairdryer. So when I jumped in the shower before church, I ended up at Wednesday night supper with completely wet hair. (No one said a word, which confirms the fact they think I’m struggling.) Plus, a couple of days ago, I couldn’t find my iron but I found it yesterday… in my washing machine. It had gone through an entire wash and spin cycle. It reminds me of when I couldn’t find the ice cream we’d just bought, only to find it days later in the oven. (Not to malign the troops, but that was David’s handiwork.) I won’t even bring up the time I got out of the pool, tripped, and landed in a pile of manure. Or, when I tried to get on a treadmill only to injure myself and two other gentlemen who happened to be in my vicinity.
Sorry about the above mistake, guys. If I find my hair dryer, I’ll let you know. Gonna go look in my freezer.

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