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RUSH LIMBAUGH: And I say this with all compassion, and I say this with love and respect for all of you who support Huckabee – but how dare you compare Mike Huckabee to Ronald Reagan. That is simply intellectually vapid and it’s grasping at straws. Ronald Reagan not only served as a governor, but he wrote and spoke for years about conservatism. Ronald Reagan was there at the beginning in 1964 about conservatism.
I said yesterday, I have not spent a lifetime advocating conservative principles only to throw them away to embrace a particular candidate. I don’t support open borders, and amnesty. I don’t support the release of hundreds of criminals.
McCain supports open borders and amnesty, Huckabee released hundreds of criminals. I don’t support repeated increases in taxes. I don’t support national healthcare, whether you call it a children’s program, or whatever it is.
I don’t support anti-war rhetoric. I don’t support Republican candidates trashing the war in Iraq when we’re winning it. I don’t support Republican candidates claiming the president doesn’t read the National Intelligence Estimates as an excuse for him not knowing what the hell’s in one. And that’s Governor Huckabee.
Governor Huckabee has no similar intellectual or conservative movement record to fall back on. And I’ll tell you, if those of you, and I say this with all respect, and I say this with the love that I have for everybody in this audience, those of you support Huckabee, but the idea that you want to claim Mike Huckabee as Ronald Reagan the Second based on tax increases, while Governor, it’s just an insult to me. That is not who Ronald Reagan was. We all know it.
Ronald Reagan came in and said, ‘I’m going to cut taxes, I’m going to defeat the Soviets, I’m going to win the Cold War, and I’m going to rebuild the U.S. military.’
Mike Huckabee has come in and said, ‘Well yeah, I raised taxes but I had to but I support this Fair Tax thing,’ which doesn’t stand a chance in hell.
Seriously folks got to be honest about these things.
Second thing is, Mike Huckabee wants to treat the modern day equivalent of the Soviet Union with the golden rule, that’s not how Reagan did it. You could argue that Huckabee’s approach is worthwhile this time – I’m not going to argue with you about that, if you want to say that, but don’t tell me he is Ronald Reagan.

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