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… for Gov. Romney! He makes a great point:

Mormons account for 62 percent of the 2.5 million people living in Utah and hold virtually every elected office in the state. While some of my fellow evangelicals across the country have noted they could not vote for a Mormon, I have only voted this way for 21 years and have appreciated their conservative ideologies and policies as well as their strong commitment to the family values I hold dear. Perhaps this explains why Utahans are less likely than average Americans to smoke, abuse drugs, die of cancer, or give birth as a teenager. These are values evangelicals generally applaud, and attempt to model under an evangelical worldview. Our fight as evangelicals in the political arena is not against Mormons, who generally line up with our moral and social values and preferred policies, but with political and religious liberals who generally want to cleanse the public square of all faith and morality. In the battle for the traditional family in America, Mormons have been our friends for decades, not our enemies.

Read the whole thing.

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