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Well, folks, as you can see, the Frenches never half-do anything — whether it be supporting a war, trying to get a political candidate elected, or even being sick. Thanks for the wonderful report, Nancy.
By the way, did you see Amy Sullivan’s recent Washington Post piece, “How Would Jesus Vote?”
I have to admit, the whole “There are liberal evangelicals, really!” point strikes me as more than a little bit passe. In order for that to be news to you, you have to subscribe to some pretty serious stereotypes. And I’m dubious that evangelical colleges “have become even bigger centers of political activism than secular universities.” But I do think the GOP’s lock on a majority of the evangelical vote is weakening, and these two sentences rang true:

Most of these youthful evangelicals are still antiabortion, and many still oppose gay rights. But their priorities no longer stop with those two issues.

Okay, I guess it sort of rang true. I’m not sure it’s a huge shift that younger evangelicals don’t care about abortion and gay rights exclusively — again with the stereotypes.
But I’d buy that we are increasingly concerned with other issues, and that the Republican Party isn’t dealing with that hunger well. (In case you didn’t notice, we just had a whole primary in which we tried to get everybody to hew to the political climate of 1980, not 2008.) I’d also buy that to some evangelicals, the Democrats are looking more attractive than usual — given that both of their potential nominees attend church, profess their Christianity often, and (one must admit) speak the language of faith a lot better and a lot more frequently than our nominee. I’ve heard several evangelicals say that at this state, Senator Obama strikes them as much more appealing than Senator McCain. I think that’s unequivocally the wrong call, but that’s a discussion for another day.

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