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The flu is sweeping through our rural Tennessee county. So when my kids’ school canceled classes due to infirmity, I threw stuff in a bag, fueled up the car, and headed out of town without telling anyone. I’m at an undisclosed location in a different state — at a wonderful Hilton Hotel, owned by my friends allowing me to stay (and eat, and swim!) here for free.
The whole thing felt reckless and irresponsible, and that’s exactly how I feel about this Presidential election.
Yesterday, while eating bacon I didn’t cook and drinking coffee I didn’t pour, I see a television out of the corner of my eye. Gov. Romney was endorsing Sen. McCain.
This brings me to my problem. I know we all have to move on, but I don’t want to. Nor do I want to publicly dig in my heels in an act that some would see as petulant.
I’m not someone who loves politics, which may come as a surprise to you who have read my writings on it for the past two years. Obviously, I believe in Gov. Romney — not the political process or even our party. (I observed how little we accomplished while we held the White House, the Congress, and the Senate.)
Fear, yes, would prompt me to activism again, I admit. Fear of jihadism, higher taxes, illegal immigration, Democrats. Charles will invariably post a reprimand to this, talking sense and sounding all logical as he has a tendency to do. He will rightly point out that McCain will be better than Obama. He will correctly point out that we survived eight years of Clinton. He might even bring up the war.
I love our little EFM community and hope it can change into something that will endure. We EFMers are hoping to meet in a nice and sunny location to discuss and pray about where to go from here. Charles will probably argue why we should turn this into “Evangelicals for McCain,” and I will try not to throw myself into oncoming traffic.
Please pray for us, that we would have direction, and forgive me for not jumping over to McCain very easily.
I’m just not ready.
Right now, all I know is that there’s a whole pot of free coffee I might need to drink.

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