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I’ve seen a lot of discussion in the blogosphere as to whether we should be hoping that Senator McCain asks Governor Romney to be his vice-presidential candidate. I’m more than willing to be convinced I’m wrong, but I think this would be a terrible outcome.
I don’t say that because of the fact that the two men clearly don’t like each other. President Reagan and then-Vice President Bush didn’t get along, and they had the same winner/runner-up dynamic going. But their relationship worked while they were in office. As my dad likes to say, if Governor Romney and Senator McCain were elected, they’d get over it.
No, I think it’d be bad because I don’t think it’d serve either of the ends Governor Romney’s supporters wish to see advanced. It wouldn’t do great things for the country, because most vice presidents just don’t have much power — Vice President Cheney is very much an exception, and I see no reason to think the next VP will be like him. And I don’t think it’d do much for Governor Romney’s political future. If Senator McCain loses in November, he’d be in a weak position — we’re still waiting to see the inaugurations of President John Edwards, President Joe Lieberman, and President Jack Kemp. And even if Senator McCain wins, for Governor Romney to succeed him we would have to see four (if Senator McCain only served one term, as has been suggested) or five (if he sought and won re-election) Republican presidents elected in a row. Neither proposition strikes me as terribly likely. And finally, if Governor Romney served as vice president in a McCain administration, he’d be tarred with the shortcomings of that White House — which, it seems to me, would not be few in number.
Better, in my view, for Governor Romney to do precisely what he has done — and what I am suggesting we do: support Senator McCain from the sidelines.
However, I must confess: I am positive that if Senator McCain offers Governor Romney the vice presidency, he will accept it out of a sense of duty. And as bad as I think that would be, it would be commendable.

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