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Sometimes people wrongly assume we have influence over the Romney Campaign — perhaps not realizing how “grass roots” we really are here at EFM. Recently, a man called me and said, “I have an idea. You need to tell the Campaign that they need a high profile endorsement of someone with strong evangelical credentials. Someone like Rick Santorum.”
Of course, Sen. Santorum has been a wonderful voice for conservatism for years. In fact, I wrote for the Philadelphia City Paper while he was campaigning, and was embarrassed by the animosity many of the journalists had for him. However, it’s obvious why conservatives would covet his support. As NRO put it today,

If the general public associates a face with the word “conservative,” it could very well be that of former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum.

I tried to explain to the man that I had absolutely no sway in the Campaign, and that I had no way to let them know, but he persisted. And so, I said, “I’ll see what I can do,” and hung up the phone.
The very next day, Sen. Santorum came out and endorsed the Governor on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, for which — of course — I took full credit. (Well, at least to this gentleman.)
“Anything else you need me to pass on?” I joked.
Well, today, I had the honor of hearing Gov. Romney speak at the Vanderbilt Loews Hotel. I was talking to a filmmaker with whom I’ve interacted quite a bit… now I’d consider him a dear friend. (Hi, Erin!) I guess I got caught up in talking to him in the back of the room, and I didn’t realize I’d stepped right in front of and practically on a young man sitting in the back row. I was ashamed of how rude I’d been, when the man quietly scooted down a seat and kindly offered me a place beside him. Instead of returning to my seat, I sat beside him during the speech. Gov. Romney did a great job, as always, and even mentioned Sen. Santorum’s endorsement. The whole crowd turned and looked in my direction.
The young guy who had scooted down for me was Sen. Santorum.
First of all, what an amazing endorsement.
Second of all, he looks so young!
Third of all, after all my jokes about orchestrating the Santorum endorsement, I unknowingly did everything I could to push him out of the room.
This is Rick Santorum:

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