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Charles and his even-tempered analysis below leaves little room for my heel digging. But let’s first take a moment and discuss why Gov. Romney endorsed Sen. McCain. Reader Bernard — one of many who’ve written letters of commiseration — pointed me to Rush Limbaugh’s explanation of the endorsement.
He says, basically, Gov. Romney endorsed McCain because:
1. People in the GOP always come together once the nominee is settled.
2. If Gov. Romney wants to have a future in the party and be able to fundraise amongst those in the Republican party, he must be loyal to the party.
3. If McCain doesn’t become President, other Republicans get in line for 2012. If Gov. Romney wants to be in that line-up, he has to be viewed as a team player.
This, of course, makes sense to me — “President Romney” has a nice ring to it, even if we have to wait a few years. However, it also points to the reasons why people like me (and Rush, and James Dobson, and others) will not line up behind him. (I’m not equating myself, just that we fall into the subset of voters suffering from McCain Derangement Syndrome.)
Last week, I was quoted on the front page of the Tennessean saying I couldn’t support McCain because he’s given social conservatives the middle finger his whole career. Well, this caused quite a stir. Through various channels, I was reprimanded by the local “GOP elite” who said I needed to tow the party line and that I needed to avoid the appearance of being a “trouble maker.” (Someone running for office — who needed voters to get to the polls in November — said that my criticism of McCain would cause much-needed Republican voters to stay home.)
First of all, I wish a mom in the Mule Capital of the World could effect state-wide voter turnout. If I could, I might run for Governor myself. (“Evangelicals for Me?” We wouldn’t even have to change our EFM nickname.)
But that strikes to the heart of the issue: I’m not running for public office, I don’t need money from the Republican Party, and it does us no good to swallow hard, close our eyes, and pull the lever.
Charles, if you hooked me up to a lie detector and forced me to answer, “Who would be a better President: McCain or Clinton?” the little needles would rapidly testify I can’t honestly answer Clinton.
However, it’s the wrong question to ask.
I’ve long criticized “yellow dog Democrats,” so named because they’d vote for a yellow dog before voting for a Republican. These southern Democrats have values similar to mine, but they are loyal to the party, stemming from resentments that date back to the Civil War. How preposterous!
No, the real question is “Are you willing to concede that both political parties in America are pro-amnesty, hysterical about global warming, contemptuous of free speech, and advocates of class warfare?”
You don’t have to force me to answer that one.

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