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Reader Bob weighs in:

Charles, great posts. I would just like to make another point. I don’t really question Obama’s Christianity, but I do question his feelings toward America. He is running to be President of AMERICA, yet he shows disturbing signs of not liking this country. My examples:
No one has forced him to attend that particular congregation. He chose it. This tells me that he agrees with, (or at the very least is comfortable around) an Afro-centric group.
He refuses to wear an American flag lapel pin. I, for the life of me, can’t imagine a president not doing this. I don’t wear one, but if I was somehow to become President, you can be sure I would never be seen without one on my Suit jacket.
His wife, with all of their success (both of them) hasn’t been proud of America until now? She is a smart woman. I doubt that she would say something that she felt was in disagreement with her candidate husband. Although she apologized and clarified later, the original comment is the one that shows her true feelings. I wonder if she would go back to “not being proud” if her husband is ultimately rejected? And let’s not forget her comment that “a black man can be shot just pumping gas in this country.”
All in all, this shows a disturbing trend. Coupled with his policies of increased taxation and global financial assistance, I fear that he would make Carter look like a conservative.

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