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Reader Judy nails it:

Historically, the church is where blacks have been able to gather political power, and that was a good thing. But when I read about Jeremiah Wright’s references to black liberation theology and the political principles put forth by James Cone et al, it raises all kinds questions in my mind about what’s going on in the mind of Barack Obama….The basis of black liberation theology seems to be to throw off oppression imposed by whites and the white Christian church by demonizing whites and labeling us “the Great Satan.” I do not want a president who believes white people are out to get people of color and we need to be “overcome.”…
This is not about arcane theological differences. It’s not enough to say that Obama prays to Jesus. It is about an interpretation of the Bible that promotes a Marxist, anti-white, anti-American political agenda. Since Obama’s church mixes racial politics with a form of Christianity, his beliefs should be subject to fair but thorough scrutiny. I hope you guys can bring this issue to the fore.

Exactly right. Just as we’ve been saying, theology is relevant in political races inasmuch as it determines how a candidate would govern. If I may say so, Senator Obama’s church’s doctrine — we don’t know if it’s his — is very much at odds with his unifying rhetoric.

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