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Below, I linked to my article on NRO titled “Playing the Deployment Card” and I thought you might like to get a glimpse of what it’s like to open your e-mail after such a piece.
Some notes are kind, uplifting, and brief:

I liked your cute article in NRO. It’s good to hear that strangers still help damsels in distress.


I am writing you to thank you for your family’s sacrifice on behalf of our country. Your article brought a tear to my eye. I pray our men and women in the military come home safe to a world without war.
God bless you and your family!


I’ll be darned if my lips didn’t quiver when I got to the America the Beautiful verse. Thank you for writing this. I’ve forwarded it to my wife, my parents, and my son—who is in the USMC ROTC program.
May God bless you, your children, and your husband.

Others are a bit more critical:

Does it not bother you that your husband’s life has been put at risk for a war that the entire planet opposes, including the majority of Americans? Even the countries that have sent troops to Iraq did so in the teeth of massive and ongoing hostility from public opinion and leaders like Aznar and Blair saw their political careers ended for having done so. Gordon Brown, in his turn, has just suffered a massive electoral defeat because he did not do what the British poeple want him to do, namely pull the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iraqi government has repeatedly asked the US to leave and polls show that the overwhelming majority of Iraqis support that view. Two Popes have condemned the war and under the principles set out by Pope Benedict at the UN, the war is contrary to Catholic morality.
What is the sense of wasting human life in a war that nobody wants and that is unwinnable? Wouldn’t your husband’s admirable desire to serve his country be better put to use back home, where he wouldn’t risk being killed?

And some are headscratchers:

i’m actually embarrased by you… your husband isn’t fighting for your freedom to be a wimp…
well… let me rephrase that…
he is fighting for your freedom to be anything you want… but your choice to be a quivering mess… only leads your children down a sorry path…
instead you should be showing them how to be proud of your husband… their father… for trusting the three of you to be able to carry on in the midst of a relatively short absence… barring his death at the hands of our mortal enemies abroad…

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