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Couple of interesting ones on this stuff about Sen. Obama, Dr. Dobson, and arguing about moral values. Here’s Judy:

Mitt argued that traditional marriage is the ideal situation to rear a child. I heard Obama argue (I believe before the Illinois Senate) that it was necessary to allow an aborted infant, born alive, to die because saving the infant would turn abotion law on its head. Admitting that the aborted infant was a “person” with Constitutional rights would raise all kinds of legal issues re abortion. Sure, we should be prepared to argue our case, but some universal moral truths defy argument. Leaving a helpless infant to die is one of them even–if saving it would jeapardize a “woman’s right to privacy.”
I can barely type this without tearing up. Maybe it’s because my 35-year-old son just had his first child yesterday. You know, my 35-year old son that was born in 1973.
I recall putting him to bed when he was about 8. His six-year-old brother was lying in the bed next to him. The 8-year-old asked me what abortion was. When I tried to explain it, I noticed the 6-year-old was lying on his back with tears rolling down his cheeks. “Why would someone kill their baby that Heavenly Father sent them?” he asked.
There are some things even a 6-year-old knows without a hearing a convincing argument. I’m sure the RNC or some 527 has the tape of Obama making these arguments. Very revealing of the man who would be our leader.

And John:

At some point in time it DOES come down to “Thus saith the Lord.” I find it very entertaining to listen to some evangelicals trying to explain, for example, why marriage should be between a man and a woman. They talk about x thousands of years of history, and how it’s better for the children based on this or that study, etc., but the bottom line, which they sometimes seem embarrassed or unwilling to venture, is simply because our Creator told us to arrange it like that.
At that point, the other team’s argument becomes with God, and not with us. Who cares what we puny men and women believe, if God has already spoken to a particular issue clearly and plainly in His Word.
So I differ with Mr. Obama when he says that he cannot validate a policy against abortion by referencing Scripture, but must find other avenues to explain it to his diverse constituents. For moral issues where God has spoken, “Thus saith the Lord’ is not just another argument, it is the best, and sometimes, the only argument!

Apologies to you both for posting so belatedly.

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