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I might bet on Gov. Romney. According to this New York Post article, I wouldn’t be alone:

Intrade, which correctly picked the winner of every state in the 2004 general election, evaluates the veepstakes chances of 30 prominent political figures – 16 Democrats and 14 Republicans.

The site details who they think the Democrat Veep will be (Hillary) but what about the Republican?

On the GOP side, there are three leaders, Romney at 19.2 percent, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty at 15.6 percent and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee at 14.1 percent, according to Intrade.

I can’t honestly say I expect McCain will choose Gov. Romney, because he has a tradition of sticking it to the social-cons any chance he can get. Plus, on the Corner today, someone floated the idea of McCain/Hillary Clinton ticket. So, who knows?

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