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My spontaneous business trip to Washington, DC has already been quite eventful. First of all, I got to Baltimore and reluctantly took the bus to the Amtrak station, unhappy at the ordeal of taking a bus to get to the train to get to the cab to get to the hotel. But on the way, I got hustled by a cabbie who needed some money because he had a bill due tomorrow. He took four of us via cab from Baltimore to DC for $20 a piece, and we were here in thirty minutes. (There were no $6 MARC trains today.)
So, I settled into my hotel on Dupont Circle and went for a stroll, where I found out that America is apparently no longer for the fundamentalists.
Then, strangely, the guy beside me at dinner looked just like Jack Nicholson. I mean JUST like the guy. People kept coming up to him and asking for his autograph, but he’d politely explain, time after time, that he was Jack Nicholson’s body double in movies.
Of course, I tried to take a photo of him to pretend I sat next to Jack Nicholson… but it was hard to get a photo of him while pretending to check my e-mail. It came out blurry, which is really the only way you would’ve thought it was Jack Nicholson. I’ll post here for your enjoyment.
I’m sure there is more excitement here in DC that awaits. Stay tuned.

So, Charles, I’m in your neck of the woods this week — wanna grab coffee?

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