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For those of you who watched Pixar’s amazing movie this weekend, did you notice the similarities to the film Idiocracy? Both are really good, but Idiocracy is not for kids.
It’s about a soldier of merely average intelligence who gets thrown into the future and suddenly becomes the smartest man alive. It’s a cautionary tale of what will happen if we continue on our current track of mindless consumerism, selfishness, and soft educational demands. To get a flavor of what this director fears a Doctor might be like in the future, watch this (language warning):

Anyway, you can see why you might not want to see this at church. However, Wall-E and Idiocracy might be good to see successively for discussion purposes. Anyone in Columbia, Tennessee up for it?
Oh yeah… when you watch Wall-E, try to note the Biblical allusions. Camille and I had an interesting conversation about Noah afterwards. Very interesting.

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