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Don’t you think, pertaining to your glass half-empty lament, that this VP pick is one of the most important and influential thing McCain could do to get started at least on the right foot?

I, for one, am not getting on his bandwagon until I know who’s number two.
(And please, concerned readers, don’t write me e-mails about how awful the alternative is — I’m still not there… hands over ears… Lalalalalalalala… not listening…. can’t hear you.)
CHARLES responds: Yes, Nancy, I certainly think Sen. McCain’s choice of a running-mate is terribly important and a good way to win over recalcitrant voters. But I still hope he picks a good person who is not named Mitt Romney.

First, as I mentioned, I have little confidence that whoever is elected in November will be part of a tremendous record of success. I feel much as if we are in 1976 — our choices being a not-so-hot Republican and an utterly irresponsible Democrat. In either case, I would rather that Gov. Romney stay away from being tarred with the next administration’s failures (much as Pres. Reagan stayed away after his primary challenge to Pres. Ford, after which there was similar vice-presidential talk).

Second, quite frankly, I am less than convinced that Sen. McCain’s choice of Gov. Romney will in fact reassure the conservative base as is rumored. If the conservative base really loves Gov. Romney so much, how come he isn’t the nominee? There’s this idea in the media these days that he’s the base’s guy, and I don’t question that that’s true with a certain part of the base — but I don’t think he’s widely popular or totally trusted. That’s why he had the problems he did in the primary. I think they will arise again if he is selected as the vice-presidential nominee — and it’s also not clear to me that serving as Sen. McCain’s #2 will ease his troubles with certain elements of the base, either. If anything, being associated with what are sure to be a number of leftist policy proposals of a McCain administration will bog him down further.

How’s that glass for ya?

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