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Hello, EFM fans. I know many of you think we’ve dropped off the face of the earth, and you’d be very wrong. Charles and I are working on a very cool new project that we simply aren’t ready to unveil yet.
However, if you are absolutely having blog-withdrawals, I’ve started working for the cool organization that brought us Operation Send-a-Box, called SixSeeds. We’re really just a group of parents trying to raise good kids in an ever-increasingly materialistic and challenging world. Please read my first entry and also the entries of my friends Jean and Curtis on the homepage. It’d be very encouraging to hear from you — to see if you share the same struggles. My first post begins:

“May I help you?” the congenial salesperson greeted us.
I took a deep breath, imbibing the Macintosh vibe, checking out the crisp white décor, and the latest in hip technology. “Honestly, I’m just happy to be here.”
Although I own an iBook, an iPhone, an iMac, and a titanium MacBook Pro, I instantly scanned the merchandise before making an appointment at the “genius bar” to fix my 8GB iPhone. The “genius bar” is literally a bar, but no drinks. The bartenders are dubbed geniuses because they’re supposed to fix whatever technological problem you have.
I happened to be there with Jean Kingston – and we were on our way to discuss this blog – this very blog – which purports to raise kids who are not slaves to consumerism.
I played it cool. After all, I am the one who was supposed to have a handle on these things.
But, after I consulted with a “genius” about my poorly performing iPhone, he said I might just need a new phone.
Jean hit me in the side. “A new one?!”
Jean laughed at being helped by someone called “genius.” Once she walked into the store with a litany of problems, and the guy looked at her with much concern and regret.
“I’m sorry ma’am. I’m not a genius,” he said. “I wish I were, but I’m not.”

Please keep reading here — it’s new so we don’t even have our blog name up there yet. Doesn’t it feel good to be the first to know about something cool?
Thanks, Guys.

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