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Glen Johnson quotes Gov. Romney as saying his life is undergoing a “quiet time,” now that the Presidential race is over and he’s writing a book on the economy. Mary Matalin believes the second time could be the charm for the Governor. (Hat tip to Jim in Knoxville)

Republican strategist Mary Matalin says she can easily see a second campaign — and a more successful one, at that.
“There’s nothing like going around the track once to broaden the field,” Matalin said. “He has an intellectual base. He has a politics-faith base. He certainly has an economic base. If there’s anything illogical about it, it’s that he — and not some of the other people who may appeal more strongly to one of those elements — has the greatest potential to pull all those factions together.”
A year ago, Romney was little more than one of the 10 vanquished contenders on the road to the Republican presidential nomination. McCain won after an especially nasty Florida battle with Romney.
Yet rather than wallowing in defeat, Romney re-engaged. He dispatched his top fundraisers to McCain’s cause, and he urged former business colleague Meg Whitman, once the chief executive of eBay, to sign on as a senior McCain adviser.
Romney also emerged as one the campaign’s top surrogates, was a finalist to be McCain’s running mate and, since McCain’s loss to Barack Obama, has worked with the Arizona senator to prepare an alternative economic stimulus package.
“It showed Mitt Romney to be a team player who was committed to the cause, and in doing so, he endeared himself to parts of the party that he may not have previously endeared himself to,” said Phil Musser, a strategist who worked for Romney at the Republican Governors Association.
Today, the dearth of a clear leader among Republicans, as well as Romney’s work as a turnaround artist, have put him in the top tier of potential 2012 GOP candidates.

Anyway, it’s a great article by Johnson — who isn’t the biggest Mitt Romney fan… do you remember this? Just watching that video makes me glad America isn’t going through the Presidential campaign anymore.
I might be ready by 2012.

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