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What did it take to get me out of EFM retirement? Kathleen Parker’s article about an Iowa radio host named Deace, who she claims is representative of a new era of Christian activity in politics.
Apparently, a recent interview he conducted was so controversially hard hitting that the “corners of America’s heartland and Bible Belt have been buzzing ever since.”
She writes:

“…in late March, Christian radio host Steve Deace of WHO Radio in Iowa aggressively interviewed Tom Minnery, head of the political arm of Focus on the Family. Minnery, whom Deace described as “the Karl Rove of the religious right,” accused Deace during the interview of ambushing him when he had expected a chat about Dobson’s legacy.”

Well, I’m writing from America’s heartland and I bet you couldn’t locate a person in the tri-state area who even knows who this Deace guy is. We may be buzzing about Danny Gokie and whether Adam Lambert will actually sing the phone book just to prove he can… but we aren’t talking about Deace.
Parker claims the host is upset because James Dobson supported Mitt Romney, then John McCain for President – two people who are insufficiently pro-life or pro-family.
However, Dobson never supported Mitt Romney for President. Check out our archives – every time James Dobson even sounded like he might be talking about the Governor, we paid attention.
“What was that? Dobson said vote for Mitt? Oh, sorry. Apparently, his coat just didn’t fit.”
Although Dobson said some positive things about Gov. Romney, he never endorsed him. In fact, he endorsed Mike Huckabee on Feb. 7, not that anyone remembers his too-little, too-late support. He explained why hadn’t endorsed a candidate prior to that date:

That left two pro-family candidates whom I could support, but I was reluctant to choose between them. However, the decision by Gov. Mitt Romney to put his campaign “on hold” changes the political landscape. The remaining candidate for whom I could vote is Gov. Huckabee.

So Deace’s complaint that Dobson sold out by supporting Mitt Romney is like lamenting that Angelina Jolie hates African kids. It just doesn’t make sense.
Deace also complained that Dobson eventually supported McCain (after there were absolutely no other viable options). This in spite of the fact that Deace himself supported McCain when it came down to it… saying Obama was too dangerous to elect.
But even if we ignore his loose grasp of the facts (at least as reported by Parker), his argument is that Romney wasn’t pro-family or pro-life enough, even though Romney:

* pushed for an amendment to Massachusetts’ constitution to overturn the same-sex “marriages” courts have imposed
* testified before Congress and wrote to senators in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment
* ordered enforcement of a little-known 1913 law to prevent out-of-state gay couples from getting “married” in Massachusetts and provoking a national constitutional crisis
* opposed civil unions, but the Democrats in the state legislature demanded that they be legalized in the constitutional amendment
* is a “convert” to the pro-life position, much like Ronald Reagan
* believes life begins at conception even though his church has no official position on the matter
* vetoed a bill to give kids access to emergency contraception without parents’ knowledge
* promised a “moratorium” on changes to abortion laws in his 2002 gubernatorial run
* opposed Roe v. Wade and argued states should set abortion policy
* opposed cloning of human embryos for stem cell research—even though his wife has multiple sclerosis
* vetoed a bill to expand such research despite the overwhelmingly hostile liberal majority in his state legislature

“How can Deace say Romney wasn’t pro-family enough?” I asked my husband as we were making dinner.
“I bet he was just a Huckabee guy.”
And so I googled and found out Deace was, in fact, an early Huckabee backer who repeatedly claimed Gov. Romney’s name was “Mitchell.” He also claimed Romney was paying National Review, FoxNews, and Rush Limbaugh hush-money to keep his secret liberal views on the down-low. I didn’t listen to his show long enough to find out his position on crop circles, but I think Parker gave the guy a lot more credit than was due.
Anyway, just wanted to pop out to set the record straight… and to say hello! I don’t know if any of you are still around, if you’re even thinking about “Mitchell” Romney, or if you’ve imbibed the Kool Aid of hope and audacity. I also have no idea if “Mitchell” would go through another Presidential campaign… All I can say is that I’ve missed our daily conversation, loyal readers. Thanks for all your notes of encouragement. David is back from Iraq, and life is good.

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