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If there was ever a story that should confirm (once again) to Americans that quite a few of their fellow citizens are both brave and tough as nails, the saga of the Maersk Alabama is that story. Think about the following:
-An unarmed American crew jumped armed pirates, overpowering one and injuring him in the hand. This act ultimately repelled the pirates from the ship and denied them their prize.
-In a move straight from 24 (or, say, John 15:13), the captain of the vessel offers himself as a hostage to break the standoff caused by his crew’s valiant rebellion. He then does everything in his power to escape, turning back only when the pirates fire on him with automatic weapons as he attempts to swim to American warships.
-Navy SEALs killed three pirates with shots to the head — firing from one moving platform (their ship) to another moving platform (the pirates’ lifeboat). This, friends, is not easy.
-The on-scene commander made an indescribably gutsy call wen he ordered the SEALs to fire. As someone who’s been a part of real-time shoot/don’t shoot decisions, I know that they can be agonizing beyond belief. Death is at every turn, and the idea that the wrong people can die is positively haunting.
Finally, we should all congratulate the Commander-in-Chief. He made the right decision in authorizing force, and he made the right decision when he even went so far as to reaffirm his earlier directive. This made his intent clear and gave the on-scene commander all the power he needed. This is a moment when all Americans are grateful that our President succeeded.
I have considerable issues with President Obama — particularly his handling of the economy and his almost reckless pro-abortion extremism — but yesterday his actions sent a very clear message: Pirates that kidnap Americans die.
And that’s exactly the right message to send.

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