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I didn’t want to tell you myself, thinking he’d eventually get good enough internet access to post from his military base there. However, he just texted me and said that Gov. Romney posted on The Corner:

GM’s new proposal, clearly produced under government duress, is worse than virtually any of the alternatives. It would give GM to the UAW and the U.S. government and make taxpayers pick up the bills. Of course, billions more from government would be drawn down right away. But the UAW could also depend on the Obama administration to keep up the subsidy for years and years to come. Government and Union co-ownership: It would be as ineffective as it is un-American.
The right course for GM is an out-of-court restructuring or bankruptcy. Either would keep the company in business and rid it of burdensome costs, work rules and obligations. The government could backstop the post-restructuring debt, helping the company get on its feet. GM must not fail: If its costs are brought in line with its competition, it can ultimately thrive and grow jobs. What is proposed is even worse than bankruptcy—it would make GM the living dead.

Quick thoughts.
1. Is this the first time Gov. Romney has blogged on NRO? Very cool!
2. Radical idea – why doesn’t Gov. Romney buy GM, following the path of his famous dad who saved AMC from the brink of collapse in the late 50′s? Just a thought… If anything needs to be turned around, it’s GM — and I could think of no one better to tackle it.

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