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David, help me out. I keep reading your posts on relentless logic, and I agree with your logic regarding Governor Romney. I also agree that you are relentless; how else have you gotten me to think about 2012 in early 2009? But I must confess, I can’t shake the sense that your statement “if I were to select a theme to our efforts…that theme would be ‘relentless logic’” is missing something.
On the one hand, it’s a more-than-appropriate theme for an effort whose focus is a man whom many seem to think is a Vulcan, or at the very least some sort of carefully programmed cyborg that goes around shaking hands, kissing babies, and spewing economic facts. (Note to readers: If you bait David with science fiction, he can’t help but respond.) On the other, I’m flat-out unconvinced that most voters select their candidate based on logic. As long as there have been political campaigns in America, they have relied heavily — you might even say relentlessly — upon emotion. That’s why things like Governor Huckabee’s Baptist-down-the-street demeanor and Governor Palin’s personal story regarding the sanctity of life got our people excited (including me, on the latter). They connected deeply with folks in a visceral way — a way no logic ever could.
Do you agree with this diagnosis of our culture? And if so, where do we go with it, beyond relentless logic? After all, I raise this not to indicate our quest is hopeless — if so, why would I bother? — but because I know you always have an answer.

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