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Charles, I totally get your point, but who do you think is reading a political blog in early 2009 that is dedicated to an (as yet hypothetical) 2012 candidate? Is it the kind of voter who says, during a commercial break in CSI, “Gawl-lee moses, Mildred, I don’t know much about that Huckabee feller, but he seems real nice,” or its the kind of voter who is like us: obsessing about politics, breaking down appearances on Meet the Press like coaches break down game film, and refreshing the Corner nine times a day? (Another description for us might be “slightly unbalanced” or “vaguely mentally ill”).
I think you know the answer.
But how about this . . . if you let me talk about “relentless logic” for the next, say, 24 months, I’ll let you switch the site’s messaging to “Mitt Romney has a GREAT smile” just in time for the primaries.
NANCY adds: Great points, David. I think Charles should leave the “Romney has a great smile” posts to me, to avoid the appearance of metrosexuality. Can we please all agree not to talk about his hair this time around, though? And perhaps we should ban the words “central casting?”

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