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1. Can we make a list of other counterproductive Republicans for Arlen Specter to take with him?
2. A reflection on the storyline since Sen. Specter officially re-became a Democrat: In 2004, Pat Toomey told Republicans they couldn’t trust Arlen Specter not to stab them in the back if it suited his political goals. The chattering class said he was crazy and destructive. The other day, Arlen Specter…stabbed Republicans in the back because it suited his political goals. The chattering class then concluded that Pat Toomey (who was exactly right) is crazy and destructive. Whaaaaaaaa?
3. Check this out from a Massachusetts newspaper, and ignore the trademark snark, referring to a recent Fox News/Rasmussen poll:

What did snap one’s head back was the finding that 49 percent of those surveyed in True Blue Massachusetts think Mitt Romney – stem cell-opposing, Sarah Palin-endorsing, political-ambition-chasing – THAT Mitt Romney – did a better job as governor than Patrick. Just 32 percent said Patrick is doing better – about the same percentage as said they miss George W. Bush as president.

4. Nancy, given the timing of my work commitments, I can’t escape from Memphis long enough to drive to Columbia — but feel free to toss the kids in the car and bring ‘em down. BBQ with Mr. Charles! Oh, and slightly more seriously, I think Gov. Romney blogged at NRO once before (in answer to your question).
5. One more thing on Specter. (Forgive me; I am a native Pennsylvanian.) As my wife put it, “Talk about a flip flopper!”

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